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Short-term Rental in Sydney's Mascot 1b1b

Rental Period: Available for short-term rental until around February

Property Details:

  • The house is spacious and bright with good scenery and ample natural light. Both long-term and short-term rentals are negotiable.

  • The apartment is equipped with a free gym and swimming pool, central air conditioning, and a dryer, among other amenities.

  • There are various international cuisines nearby, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

  • Convenient surrounding facilities include convenience stores and coffee shops, a bubble tea shop (coco), an Asian supermarket, and Woolworths is within walking distance.

  • There are many nearby bus stations, making it convenient to travel anywhere, including to UNSW or the University of Sydney.

  • Safety: High safety index, located in the central area of Mascot with a full range of living facilities

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