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✨ 2024 Sydney Buddha’s Birthday Festival VegRun🏃🌿 Run for Happiness with "Vegetable Love"!The “2024 Sydney Buddha’s Birthday Festival Sydney VegRun,”invited Inndeavor tenant joined and celebrate.

The “2024 Sydney Buddha’s Birthday Festival Sydney VegRun,”invited Inndeavor tenant joined and celebrate.

This event co-organized by the Master Hsing Yun Education Foundation and the Pure Green Foundation, and hosted by the International Fo Guang Association Sydney Branch and Nan Tien Temple Australia, is set to take off at Darling Harbour on April 28th!

The "VegRun Charity Run" focuses on a sustainable lifestyle, encouraging everyone to pay attention to environmental protection and personal physical and mental health. Since its inception in 2021, tens of thousands of compassionate individuals have participated, running over 300,000 kilometers!

This year, the "VegRun Charity Run" returns to Darling Harbour for a second time, with a special emphasis on mental health, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of "Good Health and Well-being." Funds raised from this event will support the Australian non-profit mental health research institute, Black Dog Institute, to raise awareness of mental health. The meticulously planned 3km run offers participants the chance to nurture their physical and mental health amidst beautiful scenery!

In addition to the run, there will be Buddha’s Birthday Festival activities and a variety of vegetarian food stalls waiting for you! Come and enjoy the joy of exercise, delicious vegetarian food, learn about physical and mental health, and join the Buddha's Birthday celebrations. Sign up now and join us in "Vegetable Love," running for happiness!

👉 Registration link & official website:

📅 Date: April 28th, 7:45 am - 9:15 am

📍 Location: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney

🌟 2024雪梨佛诞节VegRun复蔬公益路跑诚挚的邀请所有Inndeavor的租客🏃‍♂🌿 一起“蔬出爱”为幸福而跑!

澳洲星云大师教育基金会及Pure Green Foundation联合主办,国际佛光会雪梨协会及澳洲南天寺承办的“2024雪梨佛诞节VegRun复蔬公益路跑”活动,即将于4月28日在达令港开跑!


今年,“VegRun公益复蔬跑”二度回归达令港,以联合国可持续发展目标“良好健康与福祉”为主题,特别关注心理健康。此次活动的慈善收入将用于支持澳大利亚非盈利心理健康研究所Black Dog Institute,提高人们对心理健康的关注。精心规划的3公里跑步路线,让您在美景中关照身心健康!

除了健跑,现场还有佛诞节活动和多样蔬食摊位等着你!一起来享受运动的快乐,品尝美味蔬食,了解身心健康,参与佛诞庆典。 快来报名,让我们一起“蔬出爱”,为幸福而跑吧!

👉 报名链接&活动官网:

📅 日期:4月28日,7:45am-9:15am

📍 地址:雪梨达令港(Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney)

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