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What exactly is a security deposit?

A security deposit is a payment held to secure your performance under your rental services agreement. The rental services agreement imposes various obligations, to keep furniture in good repair, and to pay service fees (such as cleaning) on time, etc.. If you are in default of your obligations under the rental services agreement, then we may deduct any monies payable by you from the security deposit held. Please note that your monetary obligations to us are not limited by the amount of security deposit paid. We may still seek payment of arrears against you after the security deposit is depleted or ask that you top-up your security deposit to the required amount.

How much is a security deposit?

The amount of the security deposit payable is stated in your rental services agreement.

When do I pay my security deposit and where does it go?

On or before the date of your rental services agreement, you should pay to Inndeavor the Security Deposit by electronic transfer into the Payment Account. The security deposit will be recorded against your account, no interest is earned on it.

If all goes well, when do I get my security deposit back?

The full amount (subject to deductions under the rental services agreement) will be refunded to you after the term of the rental services agreement in accordance with the terms therein. You will receive a deposit refund form listing the balance of your security deposit and details about the deductions made (if any). Normally it will be refunded back to you within 14 workdays after the end of the term.

What should I do if I don't get my bond back within 14 days at Inndeavor?

This is the most important question for everyone. 

If you do not receive your bond within 14 days, 

please call our 24hour complaint hotline (02) 9539 7870 or send an email to our  complaint email address ( and we will refund your bond within 2  days of receiving your complaint. By the way tenants need to clear the arrears before  surrendering the property so as not to affect the refund of the bond.

  Inndeavor and Bond.
Inndeavor corporate with two main management companies: Future Pacific Realty Pty Ltd,  our agency management company, where tenants pay their bunds directly to Fair Trading; and No Fail Apartment Pty Ltd, our self-owned property management company, where bunds are paid to the furniture  company. We are grateful to our regular supporters. We would like to thank our regular  tenants who have supported us! And to the new tenants who have trusted us! Although there are many shortcomings in the development of the business, the staffs of Inndeavor are working hard to improve and make Craftsman a trusted brand in the hearts of international students, so that everyone can live in peace of mind and rest  assured.

  Bund deduction is also an issue of concern.
Inndeavor has attached to the tenancy agreement the "Notice to Tenants on Check-in" (in both English and Chinese), the first clause of which is to remind tenants to make sure that they give feedback to Inndeavor on any inconveniences with the room, 

i.e. the "Check-in Report", within 7 days of their stay in order to protect the interests of the tenant.

   What about damage caused by the tenant during the stay?
Please ask a licensed expert or cleaning team to do the repair and cleaning before  you check out, Inndeavor will not deduct the bund. If the tenant leaves the damage and cleaning issues with us, we will provide a quote and the tenant's authorised consent before Craftsman can deduct the appropriate amount from the tenant's security deposit.

During your tenancy or after the property is vacated, if there’s any issue that your property manager is not able to resolve, pls email Inndeavor relevant Department, at We’ll help you deal with it at the earliest time, thank you!


Finally, enjoy your stay in Australia!

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