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21/21 Hatbox Place Waterloo

21/21 Hatbox Place Waterloo

Handpicked for you, 21/21 Hatbox Place, Waterloo offers you the bustling metropolitan lifestyle of Sydney.

Enjoy a prime location where a plethora of facilities are within walking distance. Adjacent to numerous large shopping centers, it satisfies your diverse shopping needs. Cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores are all readily available, allowing you to immerse in the urban prosperity. Nearby parks and sports facilities provide great spots for leisure and recreation.

The location is close to several renowned universities, such as the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, etc., reachable with a brief bus ride or bicycle trip. Whether you're studying or working, this place is an excellent choice.

21/21 Hatbox Place, Waterloo, a minimalist yet comprehensive living space. We welcome your arrival, as this will be the perfect start to your journey in Sydney.


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